Online Team Building

Why do I need Team Building?

For many employees, the work environment can become a second home, and even the first in many cases. There is no doubt that the company is the place where we spend most of our day, taking into account current working hours, and a point has come where, during the week, we see our colleagues more than our own family. However, we can't choose who is around us at work, but we have to make sure we forge a good relationship with them,since the quality of our work and our well-being at work will depend on it.

Team building is used to forge that bond. The type of relationship we establish with our colleagues is not identical to the one we create with friends or family, since it is essential that we not only come to appreciate them, but also know how to work with them. Team building for companies offers games and activities that put workers to the test,but there are always situations that they have to come out of as a team, which enhances trust and camaraderie. In addition, many times these activities involve a division into groups, which also enhances competitiveness and healthy barking.

About Team Building activities

Team building activities are many and very different from each other, but they always have one characteristic in common: they are games that can only be performed as a team. This means that the company can choose the game that best suits its employees. The advantage of being able to do it online is that workers can meet from different points, they only need an internet connection and a device to connect.

We have several proposals on different themes and if you cannot find what you are looking for, we customize activities based on your needs.
The important thing is to find the activity that best fits the company.

Our activities

Reviews from our clients

  • 5 star review  A couple of weeks ago we stayed in a rural house and we inquired about the Cluedo at home to reserve it. It has been an innovative experience, different from what we had in mind and that is why it seemed like a success. The actor has stepped into his role from the first minute.

    thumb Gabriel Ibanez

    5 star review  I think it's an incredible team of professionals. They knew how to get us into the role of the characters that had touched us and for about two hours in which we were solving mysteries we did not stop laughing and having a great time. The experience has been more than gratifying and the actress very nice.

    thumb Francisco Torres
  • 5 star review  Excellent organization and very pleasant treatment. We will repeat for sure.

    thumb Victoria Bs

    5 star review  If you want to have fun, you have to make one of their games. I have not been able to laugh more in my life with the songs and the tests of Furor. It has been a success to have this company, they are great professionals and the monitor put us in our pockets at the moment.

    thumb Marcela Villacrés
  • 5 star review  We usually do this type of games and the organization has seemed wonderful to us, as well as the game itself. We had a great time solving the puzzles and finding out who the killer was. We will go again since they have other games that we think may interest us.

    thumb Adrián Rodriguez

    5 star review  We went to the horror night at the orphanage and the truth was great. Everything very well organized and good treatment of the organizers. To repeat.

    thumb marc soler
  • 5 star review  It was a surprise not knowing where we would eat, but when we saw that it was part of the game, we let ourselves go. Once we were in the restaurant the perfect food, delicious and quite a lot. The characterization of the characters very well worked and the experience of making a sensational live Cluedo. We will repeat.

    thumb Fatima Parra Sanchez

    5 star review  We have had a very entertaining time with your Team Building activities. He had never done anything like this, even though he had always listened to other friends who had come to play it. Best of all, I've gotten to know my coworkers better and the time we've spent has gotten together.

    thumb Eliseo Alcocer